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Pandora FX specializes in bringing your vision to life, creating characters and creatures through the applicationĀ of prosthetics and makeup. We scale the services and team to fit your project. We present a full range of services such as:


  • Prosthetics- generic, custom, minor to full body applications
  • Casualty- wounds, major trauma, medical quality or gory for horror, drama, or even emergency responder training simulations
  • Design- consultations, concept art, makeup tests
  • Character- old age, baldcaps, tattoos, hair, teeth, claws
  • Out of kit makeup- bruising, skin conditions, wounds
  • VFX- makeups with greenscreen and tracking dots, blood effects elements
  • Labwork: lifecasting, sculpture, molding, fabrication
  • Puppetry: bringing some motion and life into creatures, limbs and more

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Our artists bring prosthetics and wounds to life through the use of pneumatics and tubing rigs. Slit throats and bullet hits are animated with blood, burns are smoking and flesh pulses.

  • Bleeding wounds, bullet hits, splatter
  • Cannons: good for blood, flesh and brain matter
  • Smoking burns
  • VFX blood elements: add them to your library to enhance blood in post

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Our makeup artists craft professional high definition makeup to bring out the best look for the talent for your audience.

  • Straight & Beauty for HD
  • Commercial, editorial, fashion, wedding and events
  • Hair: light hairstyling, wigs and extensions
  • Face and Bodypainting
  • Airbrushing
  • Tattoo cover
  • Camouflage

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Our team can create props specifically for use with special makeup effects and blood gags:

  • Bodies, torsos, limbs in various states
  • Props rigged for blood effects
  • Prosthetic companion props, such as half-submerged knives attached to prosthetic wounds

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